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Sage IT Cloud Consulting

Sage IT’s deep understanding and expertise in Cloud characteristics and models enables us to provide optimal, cost effective, scalable solutions to our clients.

Sage IT’s IaaS and SaaS consulting allows businesses the potential to reduce IT operational costs by outsourcing hardware and software provisioning to the cloud provider, either a hosted private cloud or public cloud like Microsoft or Amazon.

Our cloud consulting services lets organizations bypass the expense and lead time of buying, installing, operating, maintaining and upgrading the networks, servers and computers. Instead of licensing software, organizations tap into a service when it’s needed for as long as it’s needed.

Key benefits
  • Little or no capital investment
  • Variable pricing based on consumption; buyers ‘pay per use’
  • Rapid acquisition and deployment
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Lower ongoing operating costs
Managed services support for Web, Application, Database servers, Operating Systems
and Virtualization technologies(L1, L2,L3, SME support).
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Cloud provisioning & migration from and to cloud services such as Amazon / Rackspace / Azure etc.
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Integrated Operations Center (IOC) offering services on 24 x 7 x 365
basis for Network & Application Monitoring and Level 2 support.
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Network & Application Security Vulnerability Assessment, Audit & Compliance.
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From determining the business case for moving to Cloud, to designing, deploying and managing complex Cloud initiatives, we provide a full suite of consulting and technology solutions for Amazon Web Services, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure platforms.

Batch and data-intensive applications

  • One-off applications that don’t rely on real-time response
  • Data and hig performance intensive applications (financial risk modelling, simulation, data compression, graphics rendering)
  • New back-office applicaions

Sensitive application

  • Mission-critical applications
  • Regulation-proteted data (HIPAA,SOX,PCI..)

Peak load demands

  • New business activities
  • Application with peak loads
  • Seasonal websites
  • Application with scalability needs

Desktop productivity

  • Web 2.0 applications
  • Workgroup applications
  • Office suites
  • E-mail and calendaring

Software Development and testing

  • Software Development and testing environment and testing environment
  • Performance testing
  • Nonproduction projects
  • R&D activities
  • Reduced time to market

Geographic expansion

  • Replicate standard processes in new location and branches


  • Specific existing infrastructure
  • Complex legacy systems

Business Continuity (storage)

  • Extensive storage
  • Backup and recovery

Whats right for your business?

Private Cloud?

  • Apps and data are business critical
  • Your Industry has strict governance and security requirements
  • Enterprise or tech heavy infrastructure to support IT already in place

Public Cloud?

  • Already have SaaS in place
  • Collaboration projects
  • Testing & developing apps
  • Standardized workload for apps used by lots of people

Hybrid Cloud?

  • Want Saas but worried about security
  • Different needs for different types of data
  • Different needs for different types of users (ie. Customers vs internals)

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